Skill List

The Skill List is based on the Atlus Game Guide


Pandora Saga uses a Skill Tree —> Skill Branch —> Skill system.
The in-game terminology used is Abilities.

There are five Skill Trees: Melee, Finesse, Prayers, Magic, and Special.
Each Skill Tree has four or five Skill Branches, except for the Special tree which has just Race Skills and Mounts.

The Skill Window


1) The Skills Tab
2) Unallocated Skill Points
3) Ability/Skill Tree
4) Skill Branch

The Skill Progression bar
5) Proficiency (9.4)
6) Potential (55)
7) Limit (55)
8) Potential (55)

Limit is determined by Class
Potential is how many skill points have been allocated to a Skill Branch
Proficiency is how much a Skill Branch has actually been used
A Skill Tree Proficiency is a sum of the Skill Branch Proficiencies

Potential can't be higher than the Limit
Proficiency can't be higher than the Potential

Ability Points and Skill Potential

You start with no Ability Points.
You earn Ability Points when you reach a new level.

Level Ability Points Total Ability Points
2 to 10 +1/level 9
11 to 20 +2/level 29
21 to 45 +3/level 104
46 to 55 +3/level 134

1 Ability Point raises the Potential by 1 point
If the Limit is zero, you can't add any Ability Points to a Skill Branch.

Skill Proficiency

Potential (Ability Points) must be at least 1 to increase Proficiency.
Skill Proficiency is raised by using the skill.
Proficiency may not increase every time a skill is used.
Proficiency usually increases by 0.1

During combat, you will sometimes get +0.1 Proficiency doing auto-attack.
Getting attacked can increase Defense or Evade skills.
Casting a new buff will almost always get +0.1 Proficiency, but refreshing an existing buff does not.

Unlocking new skills

Most new active/passive skills are unlocked by reaching a certain Potential (Ability Points) in a Skill Branch.
Most Skill Branches have new skills at 8/12/21/31/41/61/71 Potential.

New Skill Branch skills can be unlocked by reaching certain Skill Branch Proficiencies (skill usage).
This means you have to meet both the Potential (Ability Points) and Proficiency (skill usage) requirements.

Skills unlock when you reach a certain Skill Tree Proficiency.
The Skill Tree Proficiency is the total of all the Skill Branch proficiencies

New Class Skills are unlocked when you reach a certain level in a job.