Opening Day and Schedule

Date and Time

Sunday, 7:00pm PST [10pm EST]

Participation Requirements

You must belong to a nation and be Level 45 or higher.

Maximum Participants

200 players from each nation: 150 Regulars and 50 Militia.


NOTE: Because the times for Wars has been changed, the times for this schedule need to be revised.
Friday, 8:00 P.M.–8:30 P.M.(after Clash of the Nations)
Nomination for Supreme Commander / Temporary Registration for Regulars

  • You may pay a registration fee of 30,000G with the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC to apply for Supreme Commander. In order to apply as a Supreme Commander, you must be a Baron (Rank 3) or higher.
  • You may pay a registration fee of 10,000G with the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC to temporarily apply as a Regular.

Friday, 8:30 P.M.–9:00 P.M.
Supreme Commander Appointment/Fort Selection/Nomination for Vice Commander

  • A Supreme Commander is appointed for each nation. Priority is given to those who have been a Commander during "Clash of the Nations." If there are none, random selection will commence as normal from the pool of applicants. Once appointed, the Supreme Commander has until 9:30 P.M. to select the location of their Keep through the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC.
  • You may pay a registration fee of 20,000G with Sieghelm Battle Attaché to apply as Vice Commander.

Friday, 9:00 P.M.
Vice Commander Appointment

  • Three Vice Commanders are appointed for each nation. No priorities are given for this drawing, which pulls from everyone who applied for Vice Commander.

Friday, 9:30 P.M.
Keep Locations

  • Each Supreme Commander confirms the location of the Keep for their nation.

Saturday, 6:30 P.M.
Registration/Lottery/Deadline for Regulars/Battlefield Entrance/Militia Registration

  • 150 players, who have applied as Regulars, are selected for each nation.
  • Supreme Commanders and Vice Commanders may enter the warzone map at any time. Regulars may enter the map after their official registration is complete.
  • You may register as Militia through the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC. Militia are chosen (and queued) on a first-come, first-served basis.

Saturday, 6:40 P.M.
Deadline for Official Registration of Regulars

Saturday, 7:00 P.M.
Warzone Begins

  • Militia may enter the war zone.

How to Participate

Registration for Each Position

You can apply as your type of soldier (participant) by speaking with the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC. By speaking with this NPC, you can check the current queue for Militia and status of Supreme/Vice Commander candidates.

Sieghelm Battle Attaché Locations

map01.jpg map02.jpg map03.jpg

Solider Types, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Supreme Commander

  • One player from each nation will be appointed to this role. When there are multiple candidates, only one will be chosen.
  • Supreme Commanders can select the location of their nation's Keep.
  • Supreme Commanders can use the Supreme Commander chat window.
  • Supreme Commanders respawn in the war zone if they die on the battlefield.
  • Supreme Commanders can use a special mini-map that displays additional information about their nation. This map refreshes over time.
  • The mini-map displays the following information in a color-coded format: your party members, party leaders from your nation, and all other players from the nation. * This information also displays on the larger map. Supreme Commanders may also click on a party leader's icon if they want to Whisper to them.


  • Slots for Regulars are limited. If there are more registrations than spaces available, Regulars will be selected at random from the pool of applicants.
  • Regulars respawn in the war zone if they die on the battlefield.

Vice Commander

  • Three players from each nation will be appointed to this role. When there are more than three candidates, the Vice Commanders will be selected at random from the pool of applicants.
  • Vice Commanders can use the Vice Commander chat window to communicate with Regulars, Militia, and other Vice Commanders.
  • Vice Commanders respawn in the war zone if they die on the battlefield.


  • If players are not selected as Regulars, they will become Militia instead. Militia may join the battle at any time, but since there is a cap on the amount of battle participants, players will be placed in a queue and transported when it's their turn.
  • Militia are transported out of the war zone (and back to their home base) if they die on the battlefield, and the next Militia in queue will take their place.
  • Vice Commanders respawn in the war zone if they die on the battlefield.

Keep Selection

There are a total of three Keep locations in the war zone. Supreme Commanders can select one for their respective nation and can do so by speaking with the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC, voting for their first and second choice. The top-scoring nation from the previous week's "Clash of the Nations" will have priority in selecting their Keep.


The basic rules are no different from the "Clash of the Nations": Power Points for each nation are calculated every 10 minutes in what is called a Battle Standing, and the nation with the most points at the end wins the war. However, several new conditions of victory (and defeat) have been added to this war zone.

Conditions of Victory and Defeat

Conditions of Victory

  • Reduce the enemy nations' Power Points to 0 during any Battle Standing.
  • Destroy the Master Cores of the two enemy nations.
  • Conquer the map (i.e. simultaneously control all Forts). A Battle Standing is not required for this condition.

Conditions of Defeat

  • Have 0 Power Points during a Battle Standing.
  • Master Core is destroyed.

Any nation that meets any of the above conditions will be transported out of the war zone.

How to Earn Points

  • Control Forts when the Battle Standing is called.
  • Successfully defend Forts between Battle Standings.
  • Perform special actions: defeat enemy players (particularly the Supreme Commander), cast debuffs, raise players, etc.
  • Destroy the Master Core of an enemy nation.

When the War Ends…

An overall result of the war, as well as the top 15 players in your nation with the highest Honor Points, is displayed when the war ends. Click on the button that displays on your screen, or wait for some time to pass, to transport back to your nation. You may be awarded with Honor Points when you speak with the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPC after the war.

Battlefield Summary

What is a Keep?


A Keep is our nation's headquarters, and you will spawn in it at the start of the war. The following elements make up a Keep:

Master Core

This crystal is located in your Keep, and your nation will lose instantly if it is destroyed. Master Cores can only be attacked by players from enemy nations. They are not affected by status effects, but also cannot be repaired.


A Gate is placed at your Keep and helps protect your Master Core. However, it can be destroyed by players from enemy nations, allowing them to invade. Likewise, you cannot access the inside of an enemy Keep until the Gate is destroyed. You may go in and out of your own Keep regardless of the Gate's condition.
Like the Master Core, a Gate cannot be repaired. However, you can raise its defense (DEF).

A Gate's DEF corresponds to the number of Forts (excluding the Keep) currently under your nation's control, so when the number of occupied Forts increases, the Gate's defense will increase as well.

Gates are not affected by status effects.

  • Skills such as "Memorize" and "Teleport" cannot be used inside a Keep.

What is a Fort?


There are a total of sixteen Forts in the war zone and are unoccupied at the beginning of the war. The following elements make up a Fort:


A Core signifies a nation's presence. Destroy enemy Cores within a Fort to gain control of it.



This translucent wall serves as a gateway into a Fort.

Enemy players will not be able to enter your Fort while the Safewall is active. However, it will disappear if all of your Guard Towers (see below) have been destroyed by the enemy.

You can restore a Safewall by repairing or rebuilding one or more Guard Towers.

  • You can freely travel in and out of any Fort that your nation controls.

Guard Tower

Guard Towers, when built, activate a Safewall that prevents enemy invasion of your Fort. When your nation gains control of a Fort, two Guard Towers are automatically built, and you may use Siege Items (discussed further in "About Siege Items") and Sieghelm Items (discussed further in "About Sieghelm Items") to build additional Guard Towers or repair existing ones.

Respawn Crystal

When activated by Siege Items, a Respawn Crystal allows you to set your spawn point within a Fort. If an enemy nation overtakes your Fort, the Respawn Crystal deactivates, removing your spawn point.


Unlike the "Clash of the Nations," the Sieghelm war zone allows you to restore your nation's Cores, build and repair Guard Towers, and set a spawn point.

(Auto-)Repairing Cores

Cores auto-repair over time when players are present inside Forts they control (Does not apply with players who are slain). This repair rate increases as the number of players within the Fort increases. However, this auto-repair function is disabled once the Core is destroyed.

Building Guard Towers

Your nation can build Guard Towers when it achieves a certain amount of Building Points with the Sieghelm Item "Shelniet Ore." You can use Sieghelm Items at a BaseBox, located in each corner of a Fort.
When a Guard Tower is rebuilt after all of them have been destroyed, the Safewall will reappear. Your nation cannot build Guard Towers if the Fort is unoccupied or controlled by an enemy nation, and once a Fort falls to another nation, its Building Points will be reduced to 0.


Repairing Guard Towers

You can repair Guard Towers by using the Sieghelm Item "Kurealite Ore."

Creating a Spawn Point

Your nation can create a spawn point inside a Fort when it achieves a certain amount of Activation Points with the Siege Item "Crystal Tear." You can use this item by clicking on the Respawn Crystal if you have it in your inventory.

Once a spawn point is created, Regulars can choose to respawn at this location if they are defeated. However, if the Fort falls an enemy nation, its Activation Points will be reduced to 0, and the Respawn Crystal will cease functioning, removing all spawn points.

  • Skills such as "Memorize" and "Teleport" cannot be used within a Fort.

About Sieghelm Items

When the battle begins, you will receive one random Sieghelm Item. You can use it by clicking on a BaseBox or a Respawn Crystal.

There are many types of Siege Items, and each one can only be used at a corresponding location.

Sieghelm Items

Helniet Ore: Adds Building Points for constructing Guard Towers.
Kurealite Ore: Repairs Guard Towers.
Crystal Tear: Adds Activation Points for Respawn Crystals.
Reverselight Ore: Fully restores all Fort functions.

Replenishing Sieghelm Items

You will automatically acquire one random Sieghelm Item during each Battle Standing. However, you will not receive one if there is no room in your inventory. In addition, you will not receive a Siege Item if you are "dead" during the Battle Standing.

Losing Siege Items

You can seize Sieghelm Items by slaying another player in battle (i.e. You must deal the killing blow). As with the Battle Standing, you will not seize Sieghelm Items if you do not have room in your inventory.

Spawn Point Selection

Selecting a Spawn Point

When the "Revive at the revival point immediately" option is selected for Regulars, a map will open up, displaying the Fort's current status in the form of icons. When the conditions listed below are met, players will be able to select their Spawn Point.

You will automatically spawn at the Keep if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • Countdown expires after your death while the overall map is displayed. (Your nation will not receive a Power Point penalty!)
  • You log off while you're dead.

Conditions for Selecting a Spawn Point

  • Your nation controls a Fort.
  • At least one of its Guard Towers remains (i.e. the Safewall is standing).

When you enter/respawn inside the war zone, you will be invincible for the first 15 seconds after you move.

How to Earn Power Points


As mentioned earlier, Power Points are affected by two different factors:

  • Number of controlled Forts at the time of a Battle Standing

Unlike the "Clash of the Nations," you can reduce the Power Points of other nations by reducing their number of occupied Forts by the time a Battle Standing is called. Conversely, when your nation only occupies a few Forts, your Power Points will be reduced.

  • Defending Forts between Battle Standings

If your nation is able to hold a Fort from one Battle Standing to the next, bonus points will be awarded for successfully defending the Fort. The amount awarded will increase as the number of occupied Forts increases.

The number of successful defenses will be represented by a star symbol on the top-left corner of each Fort.


Terrain Effects

Certain areas on the map may have special effects when you enter them.

  • When you enter a forest area or are mounted on a horse, your movement speed will be reduced.