Shananta Caverns

The Shananta Caverns entrance can be found at I-11 in the Northern Tumblejean Great Sand Sea.
The place can be considered an "End Game Dungeon Crawl" due to the high level monsters and rewards found.

※ You may not enter the new maps with a party unless you toggle "Free Participation" off.
※ If the Party Leader falls, the party disbands and the Party Quests end.
※ Only the Party Leader can accept Party Quests or receive achievement information.
※ If new party members are added, the person that's farthest behind needs to get brought up to speed.
※ You can only exit by using a Bat Wing, dying, or successfully completing all three Party Quests.

Hard Mode apparently has a fourth party quest, while Medium and Easy have three.
Throughout the map, there are chests which contain Rune Slates or a Counter Golem.

Map Difficulty

Talk with your nation's NPC to enter the dungeon map. You'll have three modes of difficulty to choose from: "Easy", "Normal", or "Hard". Each difficulty comes with different quests! And don't be fooled by the monsters' appearances. They scale with the difficulty, too… Including their treasure!


How to Party…Quest Style!

Once you enter the dungeon map, check with "Investigative Unit Ehrhaldt" for Party Quests.

Party Quests require a team of skilled players. They come in two forms: "Kill Quests", which involve hunting a specific monster; and "Gathering Quests", which involve the collection of a certain item. You may receive up to three of them for the difficulty you've chosen.

When entering, choose the Party Leader wisely. If the Party Leader falls, the group disbands. This immediately ends the Party Quest. While members may reform a party, this could involve gaining members at different points in the quest chain. For example…

Ex., You're on the third Party Quest when a new member joins. They're on the second quest. In this case, when you turn in your third quest to NPC, "Investigation Unit Rosaline", you will get warped to the same map. You then complete the third "Party Quest" again.

Ex., You've finished the second Party Quest. Now a new member joins with the second quest. In this case, in order to bring the new member up to your speed, you complete the second quest again.

Moving Between Maps

Players have access to unique maps, based on their nation. Once a Party Quest is completed, they move to another area.

For example, a Kingdom player may enter the "Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom" from Montorie Plains. Once there, they receive "Party Quests" from the NPC, "Investigation Unit Ehrhaldt." When the first "Party Quest" is complete, they move to "The Forgotten City" or "Shanannta Caverns" next.

At "The Forgotten City" or "Shanannta Caverns", they receive another "Party Quest" from the NPC. Once they complete the second "Party Quest", they move to the last map. The last map is whichever they didn't enter previously.

If you get a "Perfect Quest" on each map, you may return to the surface—and reap the benefits of your victory! But you may also continue exploring the new map. Only return once you've gotten your fill of treasure and adventure!

If you want to continue, talk to "Investigation Unit Ehrhaldt".
If you want to return, see "Investigation Unit Rosaline".



Level Name Race Attribute Location
18 Giant Bat Bat ? E-6
19 Undead Stiel Undead ? G-9, H-9, J-8, M-6
20 Megalo Maggot Insect ? H-6
20 Counter Golem Golem ? Chests scattered throughout map
28 Ghoul Undead ? K-7, J-7
35 Painted Wolf Wolf ? I-6, I-5
41 Hyena Wolf ? G-10, M-4
59 Dire Wolf Wolf ? O-6

Normal (in progress)

Level Name Race Attribute Location
35 Violet wire Spider ? ?
35 Black net Spider ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
40 Counter Golem Golem ? Chests scattered throughout map
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
58 Basilisk Reptile ? ?
59 Dire Wolf Wolf ? ?

Hard (in progress)

Party Quests


Shananta Caverns - Kill 30 Hyenas

  • You now choose to go to Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom or The Forgotten City.

Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom - Collect 30 Ivory Grass

  • Whichever map you did not choose is the next area.

The Forgotten City - Kill 40 Painted Wolves
Reward: 4000 gold, 50000 experience