From left to right: Human Male, Human Female, Elf Male, Elf, Female, Dwarf, Myrine, Enkidu, Lapin

Names taken from the AO website.
Actual effects are unverified, but assumed to be correct


Each race can select one special race skill during character creation
Race skills are a more important factor than starting stats when creating a class


human-fs.jpg Fighting Spirit Bonus damage with one-handed weapons
+10 to the Melee skill
human-ad.jpg Adaptability Reduces duration of Ailments/physical debuffs by 50%
human-ph.jpg Pharmaceutics Increases effectiveness of potions by 15%


elf-harmony.jpg Nature's Harmony Reduces MP skill costs by 15%
elf-eagle.jpg Eagle Eye Increases auto-attack range with bows/crossbow by +3
elf-stead.jpg Steadfastness Reduced duration of mental debuffs


myrine-acute.jpg Acute Senses Increased chance of critical hits by 5%
myrine-calm.jpg Calmness Chance to convert 10% of damage taken into MP
myrine-sharp.jpg Sharpness Bonus to Evasion +5%?


enkidu-stone.jpg Stone Skin Reduces damage from melee attacks +10% armor defense
enkidu-strong.jpg Strong Arm +10% damage for all 2H weapons including ranged
enkidu-lapin.jpg Lapin Support Boosts Physical Defense of Lapins in party
Effect increases as the number of Lapins increases


lapin-magic.jpg Magical Resistance +10% Magic Defense
lapin-inner.jpg Inner Light +15% MP recovery rate
lapin-enkidu.jpg Enkidu Support Boosts Magic Defense of Enkidu in party
Effect increases as number of Enkidu increases


dwarf-strong.jpg Stronghearted Very small chance to resist death
dwarf-spirit.jpg Dwarf Spirit +10% damage with Axe/Blunt
dwarf-filial.jpg Filial Piety Chance that you take damage instead of a
party member that is low on HP
May only work with other Dwarfs


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