Quest Items

Main Quest

Rotten Bone x6

Drops from Soplar Highway skeletons
L7 Skeleton
L17 Skeleton Slasher
L18 Skeleton Archer

Light Crystal Fragment x3

Drops from any Kobold mobs

1st Job Change

Gold Crystal x3

L22 Crawlers, Himurart/Jorito/Nelstadt
L23 Ratlings, Himurart

Side Quests

L20 Lost Memories

Deadly Nightshade x15, L22 Threadwires
Acidic Ichor x15, L20 Drone Ants

L22 For the Sake of Peace

5-15 Splintered Claws, L20 Bloody Bats
5-15 Syrupy Ichors, L22 Threadwires
5-15 Ragged Hides, L24 Kobolds

L25-40 Warrior Training Academy (I)

Bloody Pelt x10, Cape Jackals

L28-40 Collect White Crystals

White Crystal x20

+L33-40 Gather Pelts

Bloody Pelt x30, Cape Jackals

L36 The Novice Doctor and the Craftsman

1) Get Hefty Bones x10, L32 Skull Pulverizers
2) Get Broken Skull x10, Soplar Highway skeletons
3) Get Small Yellow Crystal x10, L39 Wretches, Nelstadt

L36-40 The Beauty's Lament

Get Piercing Claw x25 from [L39 Vampire Bats], [L39 Wretches]

L37 The Blacksmith's Training

1) Get Splintered Claw x5, L20 Bloody Bats
2) Get Sharp Fang x5, L40 Bibron's Boas, Jorito
3) Get Durable Bone x5, L32 Skull Pulverizers, Nelstadt/Himurart

L40 Medicine for a Stomachache

Get Poisonous Ichor x20
Kill L44+ spiders

L40 Spiritual Medium Mania

Get Superior Soul x66
Kill monsters in Muldia