PvP Fact

PvP is not PK, PvP can be initiate by talking to the NPC in Astir Central Plaza.
There are 2 categories (lvl10-29, lvl30-55) and Type(4v4,8v8) for PvP.

Battle Ticket

You can received 1 battle ticket each day and have a max number of 7 in a week.
The Ticket NPC is Located South of the Central Plaza (where there no exit) in the west corner of the gate.

PvP Points Shop

Points Items Exchange
20 Salve, Mana potion, Batwings
200 50 Deadly Nightshade, 50 Moonlight Herb, 50 Aquilegia, 50 Container
1,000 Magician Hat,
1,500 Ghotic Plate, Lunar Glove, Lunar Boots,
2,500 cell-content
5,000 cell-content
7,500 cell-content
10,000 cell-content

Chart is still incompleted need verication