Monster list
Aggressive -A Boss -B Neutral - N
Name S lvl element location item drops
Maggot N 1 Animal Neighborhood Astir Clabbered Ichor, Container, Chunk Of Meat, White Crystal Fragment, Recipe: Salve
Blowfly N 2 Insect Neighborhood Astir Clabbered Ichor, Container, Painkiller, Viscous Ichor, Chunk Of Meat, White Crystal Fragment, Recipe:Salve, Recipe:Small Red Crystal, Accelerated Soul
Gigarat N 3 Animal Neighborhood Astir Painkiller, Replenishment Potion
Fruit Bat A 4 Undead Neighborhood Astir Bat Wing, Painkiller, Replenishment Potion, Cracked Claw, Log
Zombie A 4 Undead Northern Soplar Highway (I-13) Chunk Of Meat, Maggoty Meat, Log, Odious Ichor, Painkiller, Replenishment Potion, Soul of Mana, Worldbinding Chest, Recipe: Small Dark Crystal
Cluster Ant N 5 Insect Neighborhood Astir Painkiller, Clabbered Ichor, Viscous Ichor, Recipe: Salve, Recipe: Small White Crystal
Rattlesnake A 6 Animal Neighborhood Astir Small Fang, Deadly Nightshade, Painkiller, White Crystal Fragment, Knuckle
Giant Ant A 7 Insect Western Soplar Highway (H-3/ J-6) Clabbered Ichor, Viscous Ichor, Container, White Crystal, Recipe: Salve
Flesh Fly N 7 Insect Northern Soplar Highway (F-10) Viscous Ichor, Volatile Ichor, White Crystal Fragment, Chunk Of Meat
Skeleton N 7 Undead West Soplar Highway (J-7) Replenishment Potion, Rotten Bone, Weathered Bone, Moonlight Herb
Living Dead N 8 Undead Soplar Highway Center Rotten Meat, Maggoty Meat, Replentishment Potion, Soul Of Spring, Log, Recipe: Salve, Iron Ring
Plumb Maggot N 8 Animal Eastern Soplar Highway (E-7) Clabbered Ichor, Chunk of Meat, Container,White Crystal, Mace
Glutton Ghost A 8 Undead Northern Soplar Highway(K-11) Aquilegia, Redeemed Soul, Inferior Soul, Soul of the Spring
Baby Rattlesnake N 8 Animal Northern Soplar Highway(M-11) Small Fang, Scarred Hide, Venom, Deadly Nightshade, Recipe: Small Yellow Crystal
Necromancer N 9 Human Eastern Soplar Highway (G-10) White Crystal Fragment, Punctured Skull
Thug A 9 Human Western Soplar Highway(H-14) Painkiller, Recipe: Salve, Knife
Aardwolf A 10 Animal Soplar Highway Center Filthy Pelt, Painkiller, Chunk Of Meat, Recipe: Salve, White Crystal Fragment, Crew Vest, Rapier (+1 +2 +3), Blast Wand, Soul Of Cerberus
Sidewinder B 12 Animal Northern Soplar Highway (L-12) -
Tarantula N 14 Insect Soplar Highway Centr Chunk of Meat, Clabbered Ichor, Volatile Ichor, Nightshade, Greatbow (+1 +2)
Booming Fly N 15 Insect Eastern Soplar Highway (I-7) Clabbered Ichor, Odious Ichor, White Crystal, Leather Bracers +2
Thief Healer N 15 Human Northern Soplar Highway White Crystal Fragment, Replenishment Potion
Chompy Rat N 16 Animal Northern Soplar Highway (L-6) Broken Fang, Hepatica, Painkiller, Small Fang, Stilleto (+1 +2 +3), Kukri (+1), Lucky Robe (+1 +2), Great Tree Soul
Guardian Ant B 16 Insect Western Soplar Highway Clabbered Ichor, Syurpy Ichor, Antidote Herb
Pit Viper N 17 Animal Northern Soplar Highway (K-8) Small Fang, Broken Fang, Deadly Nightshade, Spiderwort Plant, Ivorygrass, Glossy Black Plant, Malachite, Fortune Soul
Skull Slasher N 17 Undead Western Soplar Highway (F-11) Rotten Bone, Broken Skull, Replentishment Potion, Painkiller, Moonlight Herb, Recipe: Salve
Porcuhorn N 17 Animal Western Soplar Highway(G-7) Tick-Infested Pelt, Filthy Pelt
Thief Hunter A 17 Human Northern Soplar Highway White Crystal Fragment, Replenishment Potion
Skull Archer N 18 Undead Himurart Desert, Northern Spolar Highway (F-5) Rotten Bone, Fractured Bone Recipe: Silver Bow Arrows
Giant Bat A 18 Animal Eastern Soplar Highway (K-10) Eastern Highway Chest, Painkiller, Cracked Claw, Small Claw, Replenishment Potion
Man Eater A 18 Animal Western Soplar Highway Center Filthy Pelt, Tick-Infested Plet, White Crystal Fragment
Dark Witch N 19 Human Eastern Soplar Highway (L-9) White Crystal, Replenishment Potion
Thief Boss A 19 Human Northern Soplar Highway White Crystal Fragment, Replenishment Potion
Jackal A 20 Animal Eastern Soplar Highway (M-7/N-9) White Crystal Fragment, Suede Boots, Filthy Pelt, Dirty Pelt, Chunk Of Meat, Log, Painkiller, Eastern Highway Chest
Chiro-Chiro B 20 Animal Western Soplar Highway -
Drone Ant A 20 Insect Soplar Highway Center White Crystal, Small White Crystal, Acidic Ichor, Viscous Ichor, Container, Bloodstone, Green Vest Armor, Laborer's Soul, Himurart Chest, Himurart Key, Worldbinding Chest
Threadwire A 22 Insect Soplar Highway Center Deadly Nightshade, Venom, Viscous Ichor, Syrupy Ichor, Clabbered Ichor
Crawler N 22 Insect Soplar Highway Center Gold Crystal, Clabbered Ichor, Painkiller, Chunk of Meat
Blood Bat A 22 Animal Foothills of Mt. Jortio Splintered Claw, Bat Wing, Volcanic Bat Wing, Painkiller, Replenishment Potion, Soul of the Spring
Ratling A 23 Humanoid Himurart Desert Norte Salve, Filthy Pelt, Gold Crystal, White Crystal Fragment, Great Bow 1 socket
Skull Warrior A 24 Undead Nelstadt Plains Weathered Bone, Fractured Bone, Ancient Bone, Rotten Bone, Replentishment Potion, Broken Skull, Wooden Lance
Larva N 24 Undead Himurart Desert(J-4) Inferior Soul, Redeemed Soul, Aquilegia, Red Crystal, Mana Belt
Kobold A 24 Humanoide Foothills of Mt. Jortio Ragged Hide, Silken Hide, Light Crystal Fragment, Salve, Amber, Silver Ring (rare)
Cape Jackal A 26 Animal Nelstadt Plains/Himurart Desert Bloody Pelt, Filthy Pelt, White Crystal, Gigantic Claw, Quilted Gloves, Rodela Shield
Cocadriles A 26 Animal Himurart Desert /Foothills of Mt Small Claw, Rounded Claw, Antidote Herb, Red Crystal, Small Bird Feather (rare)
Ghoul - 28 Undead Nelstadt Plains - Oest Maggoty Meat, Recharge Potion, Rotten Meat, Moonlight Herb, Putrefied Meat, Ruby Rod
Imp A 28 Undead Nelstadt Plains - Oest Small Claw, Piercing Claw, Yellow Crystal Fragment, Desert Armor
Flowing Ray A 28 Animal Nelstadt Plains - Mottled Ichor, Fresh Meat, White Crystal
Firelegs N 28 Insect Foothills of Mt. Jortio Center Volatile Ichor, Clabbered Ichor, Mottled Ichor, Acidic Ichor, Malachite
Cockatrice A 30 Animal Himurart Desert/ Foothills Cracked Claw, Rounded Claw, Warped Claw, Anitdote (potion), Red Crystal Fragment, Small Red Crystal, Soft Feather
Slug N 31 Insect Foothills / Himurart Desert Painkiller, Mottled Ichor, Clabbered Ichor, Container, Aicidic Ichor,
Bird Eater B 31 Insect Eastern Soplar Highway Deadly Nightshade, White Crystal, Volatile Ichor
Kobold Raider A 32 Humanoide Foothills of Mt. Jortio Silken Hide, Ragged Hide, Scarred Hide, Shriveled Hide, Branded Hide, Light Crystal Fragment
Skull Pulverizer - 32 Undead Nelstadt Plains / Himurart Desert Durable Bone, Hefty Bone, Rotten Bone, Crystal Sword, Leather Cap, Soul Of Magical Power
Morax N 32 Animal Himurart Desert Centro Bloody Pelt, Tick-Infested Pelt, Small Claw, Antidote Herb
Ratling Sentinel - 33 Humanoide Himurart Desert / Norte y Sur Bloody Pelts, Dirty Pelt, Poisonous Fang, Filthy Pelt, Small White Crystal, Buckler, Soul of Magical Power
Luna Jackal B 33 Animal Northern Soplar Highway Durable Pelt
Boa A 33 Animal Foothills, Nelstadt Plains Sharp Fang, Pointed Fang, Twisted Fang, Pain Killer, Ivorygrass, Spiderwort, Glossy Black Plant, Amber
Bandit Minion A 33 Dwarf Foothills (J-9) White Crystal, White Crystal Fragment, Chunk Of Meat, Salve, Pearl, Bronze Axe, Belt
Giant Spider N 35 Insect Foothills / Himurart Desert Volatile Ichor, Syrupy Ichor, Deadly Nightshade, Container, White Crystal, Malachite
Skull Shooter - 35 Undead Foothills / Montoire Plains --
Brigand Warrior - 35 Human Nelstadt Plains / Himurart Desert Salve, Antidote, Small White Crystal, White Crystal, Belt, Pearl, Turquoise, Mithril Sword
Dynarat - 35 - Montoire Plains Oeste -
Brigand Hunter A 36 Humanoid Himurart Desert Salve, White Crystal, White Crystal Fragment, Trap, pearl, turquoise
Bushmaster A 37 Animal Foothills Pointed Fang, Twisted Fang, Bent Fang, Deadly Nightshade, Malachite, Silk Gloves
Brigand Healer A 37 Human Nelstadt Plains Holy Water, Small White Crystal, White Crystal, Malachite
Kobold Soldier A 38 Humanoid Foothills Light Crystal Fragment, Salve, Hides: Pristine, Shriveled, Ragged, Scarred
Glow Larva A 38 Undead Himurart Desert Replenishment Potion, Hungering Soul, Redeemed Soul, Wandering Soul, Aquilegia
Desert Wolf A 38 Animal Nelstadt Plains Dirty Pelt, Tick-Infested Pelt, Bloody Pelt, Chunk Of Meat, Painkiller, White Crystal
Bandit Leader A 39 Humanoid Foothills Chunk of Meat, Salve, White Crystal Fragment, White Crystal, Hempen Cloth
Vampire Bat A 39 Animal Foothills/ Nelstadt Plains Broken Fang, Cracked Claw, Salve, Piercing Claw, Bat Wing, Dark Crystal, Soul of Willpower, Recipe: Piercing Claw
Wretch A 39 Undead Nelstadt Plains Small Yellow Crystal, Yellow Crystal Fragment, Piercing Claw, Twisted Fang, Crushed Claw, Recipe: Piercing Claw
Rapid Bat - 39 Montoire Plains Oeste --
Bibron's Boa A 40 Animal Foothills of Mt. Jortio Sur Pointed Fang, Twisted Fang, Sharp Fang, Venom, Deadly Nightshade, Citrine
Bouncer Ant B 40 Insect Himurart Desert Norte(J-5) Acidic Ichor, Volatile Ichor, Syrupy Ichor, Container, Laborer's Soul
Brigand Commander A 40 Humanoid Himurart Desert Salve, Small White Crystal, White Crystal
Soldier Ant A 40 Insect Himurart Desert (J-6)/ Nelstadt Plains Acidic Ichor, Volatile Ichor, Syrupy Ichor, Container, Silver Crystal, Might Staff, Laborer's Soul
Ogre Brawler 41 -- Montoire Plains --
Carmine Trooper 41 Reptile El Behd Magic Citrine, Silken Hide, Pristine Hide, Red Crystal, Remedy, Light Crystal Fragment
Marrow Slugger 42 Humanoid Himurart Desert Red Crystal, Large Bone, Bleached Bone, Durable Bone, Moonlight Herb, Flail
Ratling Warrior 42 Humanoid Himurart Desert
Anaconda - 43 Reptile El Behd Nightshade, Poisonous Fang, Sharp Fang, Jade, Refill Potion, silver crystal fragment
Carmine Raider 41 Reptile El Behd Magic Amber, Pristine Hide, Red Crystal, Light Crystal Fragment, Remedy, Refill Potion, Bronze Axe
Black Mamba - 43 -— Montoire Plains kris, white crystal, Sharp Fang-
Rhino Calf - 46 - Montoire Plains
Malevolent Eel B 46 Animal Nelstadt Plains -
Treant N 46 Plant Foothills of Mt. Jortio Redeemed Soul, Hungering Soul, Holy Water
Troll A 48 - Himurart Desert Small Yellow Crystal, Exquisite Skull
Tiger Snake - 49 -— Montoire Plains
Doom Bat - 49 -- Montoire Plains -
Volcrice B 50 Cockatrice Foothills of Mt. Jortio Centro Warped Claw, Rounded Claw, Odious Meat
Ogre B 50 Humanoid Montoire Plains Large Skull
Gigantic Morax B 53 Animal Himurart Desert -
Giant Slug B 55 Insect Himurart Desert -
Night Adder A 56 Animal Foothills of Mt. Jortio -
Bone Guardian B 60 Undead Nelstadt Hefty Bone, Cursed Bone, Large Bone, Cannibal Soul
White Wolf B 60 Animal Himurart Desert -
Gigantic Larva B 60 Undead? Nelstadt Plains Cannibal Soul, Aquilegia
Flowing Ray Murder A 61 Insect Giant's Chair (J-13) -
Dwarven Boa A 64 Animal Giant's Chair (J-13/14) Recipe:Special Remedy
Green Basilisk N 64 Animal Giant's Chair (J-13/14) Confederation Supply Chest-( Odious Meat, Branded Hide)
Behemoth - 67 Morax Himurart Desert --