Making Money

Player to player prices are based on what is being offered in-game and should be used as a general guideline


Throughout the game you will find gold is hard to obtain.

The primary way to get gold early on is by completing quests, preferably the Main quest, which starts at level 1.

Side quests, or Daily Quests, can be unlocked starting at level 20.
The Side quests give much more gold than the Main quests.
Some of the Side quests may be repeatable.
Talk to a Mediator in Astir to find side quest NPCs.

Selling items to other players would be the second way to make gold.
Monsters will very rarely drop enhanced weapons and armor.

Gold crystals, used for the job change quest, are a high demand item.
Every character needs 3 Gold Crystals.

Main Quest

Main Quest Reward Total
Sell starting Tunic and shoes 44g 44g
Roone the Supplier's Request 350g 394g
[NPC] is Calling for You 300g 694g
Practice and Training 350g 1,044g
Koome the Supplier's request 300g 1,344g
Ronia's Request 300g 1,644g
Bureaucracy 800g 2,444g
The Kingdom's Little Secret 500g 2,944g
Robbery Request 500g 3,444g
Who's the Traitor? 800g 4,244g
City in Peril 1,200g 5,444g
Paving the Way for Peace 1,000g 6,444g
A Brewing Storm 1,500g 7,944g
Paving the Way for Peace, Continued 2,000g 9,944g

Side Quests

L20 Lost Memories x3 9,000 gold total 18,944g
L22 For the Sake of Peace x3 7,500 gold total 26,444g
L23 Thalia is Lost 4,000 gold 30,444g
L24 The Myrine Sisters 6,000 gold 36,444g

Valuable Items

Gold Crystals
Bat Wings
Weapons and Armor
Item upgrade jewels

Quest items
Rotten Bones x6
Syrupy Ichors x5
Splintered Claws x5
Bloody Pelts x10 or x30
White Crystal x25
Deadly Nightshade x5 and Acidic Ichor x5
Piercing Claws x25
Hefty Bones x10

Sell items to Merchant NPCs

Some items can be traded for equipment at Item Exchange NPCs.
Some items can simply be sold back to Merchant NPCs.

Check with the Item Trading NPCs around Astir and in your nation's Capital.

I'll try to get a list of Item trading NPCs up.

PvP farm

You can farm PvP point at the central of Astir, and trade the point for items. These items can be sold to other players at high price.