(Note: Experience is affected by party size. if you can solo quickly then you will get better experience.)


Basic leveling path:
1) Main quest to level 20
2) 1st Job Change
3) Start doing Side quests / Snake party / soloing
4) Get to level 30 to access Muldian
5) Level 35+ to complete Main quest
6) Get Racial armor after completing Main quest (Top armor requires conceal or a party)
7) Get PVP points to get PVP equipment
8) Get Muldian Medals for level 40 equipment
9) Kill Muldian / World Bosses for rare equipment

Main Quest

1) Do the Main Quest that starts when you first get to Astir
2) You should be able to get up to the end of The Mysterious Bracelet
3) The goal is to get to level 20 by questing
4) A Brewing Storm almost always requires a party
5) Paving the Way for Peace, Continued absolutely requires a party to complete
6) At level 20, join a Nation and don't worry about continuing the Main Quest
7) You get a huge LP/MP boost and additional class skills for changing jobs
7a) Buying cheap [Lexmark Ink Cartridges]
8) Do not get stuck trying to complete the Main Quest
9) It is better to level on Dynarats or Snakes if you want to level quickly
10) Once you get closer to level 35, complete the last part of the main quest "The Duel" to better utilize the 1,000,000 XP reward
11) Do the first part of Calamity in order to gain access to El Behd

Quest Trunks

1) Your first character that completes Practice and Training determines the contents of the trunk
2) You get one Quest Trunk per account
3) Items from the Quest Trunks can be shared on an account by using the Warehouse
4) The level 20 trunk has a free Premium One-Day Ticket that boosts experience
5) Save the ticket until you can get into a Snake xp party
6) Save the ticket until level 30 minimum for best results

Side Quests

1) Side Quests appear to start at level 20
2) Side Quests are primarily for making gold
3) More Side Quests are unlocked at higher levels
4) Levels > Side Quests unless you need gold

Snake Party

The Snake party is a common way of leveling starting at level 20

TS = Tiger Snake
Lower level parties or low DPS parties can grind on lower level snakes like Bushmasters or Black Mambas

Empire Northern Tumblejean i-8 L49 Tiger Snakes
Varik Leapholtz Gorge i-5 L55 Varik Pythons
Kingdom Montorie Plains h-12 / i-12 L49 Tiger Snakes
Job Role
Scout Any Scout with at least 16 in Trapping
Archer Movement buff for pulling
Gladiator / Knight Provoke the snake
Mages Direct damage using Ice-based magic or Invocation 41/Psychic Blade
Priest MP Regen buff, LP buff, Slow on snake
Ascetic Buffs, if possible

The Snake Party
1) Get to level 20 and try to complete the job change quest
2) Head out to your nation-only area
3) You must have at least one Scout with Trapping 16 for the Tangled Legs skill
4) Invocation 41/Psychic Blade seems to be the best magical attack versus snakes
5) A Level 20+ Priest with Tranquil Mind will help minimize downtime
6) A Warrior with Taunt skills will help kill snakes at a faster rate
7) Traps cost 16g each
8) Expect to use 20-40 Traps per snake at level 20 and around 10 Traps/snake at level 30
9) It is probably a better investment to buy Traps than equipment
10) Once you get to a high level you can do Side Quests for money for new equipment


Priests and Knights are not good at soloing due to very low DPS

1) Get to level 20 by doing the Main quest
2) Get to level 25 by doing Side quests
3) Grind on mobs in Jorito / Nelstadt / Himurart and do Side quests to level 35
4) Grind on mobs in El Behd / Leapholtz / Montorie / Northern Tumblejean / Muldian and do Side quests to level 40

Power Leveling

Join a nation.
1) Varik:
Form Python pt. This works well for player under lvl45.
2) Empire:
3) Kingdom:

Above lvl 45 :
Do all the main quest untill you can enter EB.
Go in and find an EB( El Behd ) pt, so you can grind on mobs.
The quickest way is to form a tempest pt, usually with 2-3 locks, 1 healer, 1 tank can mass lure. The tank lures mobs as much as he can, the lock will use tempest on order.