Kingdom Racial Armor

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Item NPC AIM point Comments
Gloves Samkhatz, i-7 Northern Soplar Highway, m-9 cell-content
Lower Body Yuglance, i-5 Nelstadt Plains, n-7 cell-content
Boots Romanovich, i-9 Montorie Plains, j-7/8 cell-content
Upper Body Walkhov, h-9 Muldian Varik Camp middle tent? (g-11) and Empire Camp north tent (e-10)

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Quest NPCs



[Lower Armor]


[Upper Armor]

Empire Camp north tent (e-10)

1) Approach the Empire Camp from the north
2) Evade or distract the L99 Imperial Guardian
You don't lose any experience or honor if killed by the Guardian
Have someone aggro the Guardian to pull it away from the entrance
The Guardian does not attack while it walks back to its post
The Guardian does not see Hidden or Cloaked scouts
3) Run to the north tent

Varik Camp middle tent? (g-11)