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Starting a Guild

An amount of 50,000G (50k) is required to make your own guild.
To create a guild talk to the Guild Liason NPC in your respective Nation and pay him the 50k after clicking the make a guild option.
An original/unique name for the guild is required to not be in conflict with an existing guild.

How to lvl the Guild

To level your guild you have to increased the guild rank which is based on the total number of honor in each member in the guild.
To gain those honor points it is recommended to join the in-game war (Ridelium 300RvR, Sieghelm 600RvR, Zealot invasion.) and pking in pk zone (Muldia and El Behd)

Guild LVL / Rank Table

(still incomplete)

Lvl Guild Rank needed Honor needed till next lvl
2 10,000 40,000
3 50,000 80,000
4 130,000 145,000
5 275,000 250,000
6 525,000 380,000
7 905,000 570,000
8 1,475,000 810,000
9 2,285,000 1,096,000

~Credits go to the people at the japwiki for the charts