Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I equip my items?

Press "I" to view inventory. Click on the equipable item you wish to equip and click on the appropriate slot for that item.

Where can I buy pots, weapons and armor?

You can buy pots from the supplier which appears in a cyan "SU" icon on the map. The weapons and armors can be bought from the weapon & armorsmith, labelled in a yellow icon, "WA". All these NPCs can be found in main cities.

Where is the reward Steam have promised for playing?

When you open up the program Steam, go to your library and select "Pandora Saga: Weapons of balance." On the right hand side of that page should have a sidebar called "LINKS." Below that, there is a link you can press called, "CD Key." This key gives the code that will unlock the items promised.

Where do I insert CD Key code?

When in game there are multiple of icons on the bottom left side of the screen. The icon with the three coins is the "Charge Shop." Usually it takes a good few seconds to load. Once inside the store, theres a category, "Promo Code." Once inside, you have to TYPE the code into the white box and submit the code and then you are done!

How do I retrieve my items from the item box in charge shop?

When you walk around the city, you may spot an Charge Shop Manager NPC. The NPC has a red icon with the words "CS" on it. This NPC is what allows you to retrieve your items from the item box.

Where can I get chests and keys?

For each area there is a specific chest and key drop. For example, Western Soplar Highway will ONLY drop Western Highway Chest and a Western Highway Key. While Foothills of Mt. Jortio would ONLY drop Jortio Chest and Jortio Key. Both the matching chest and key is required to open the chest.

Where do I go after I have the chest and key?

There is an NPC named "Coultier the Treasure Chest Seeker" located at the City of Astir [11-K]. She is able to open you open the chest.

How do I craft?

In order to craft you need to speak with a crafting instructor and have learned recipes. Recipes are dropped from monsters and are one time use. Once used, you have the ability to craft the item of that recipe. To craft the item, it requests specific items. Once the materials are obtained, just head over to a crafting instructor at a city. The crafting instructor in Astir is Areila. She is located at the central plaza, beside the supplier and innkeeper.

How do I open a booth?

Click on Menu at the bottom right of the screen and select Booth. From there, you can open the booth and put items in to sell.