What is Enhancing?

Enhancing is a game mechanism which enables you to make your weapons/armor stronger based on a certain element, this can be done at any blacksmith, there is one in every town. No matter how high or low the enhancement on your equipment is (+0 or +9), there is always a chance it might break with any gem/hammer you use. There is one exception though. +0 - +5 gear will have a 100% success rate if you'd use a Hammer of Fortune.

Enhancing Your Item

If you want to enhance an equipment, you always need to have the equipment that you wish to enhance and a rune gem. A hammer is optional which improves the chances of successful enhancements.

There are many kinds of rune gems starting from the elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Holy, Rainbow, Poison) and then the level of the gems (level 1, level 2, level 3) and if it's a magical rune or a normal rune gem. We usually only use Magical Rune Gems for staffs, rods or wands because Magic Rune Gems improves the magical attack of the gem's element. Otherwise, we usually use the normal ones.

What's the difference in the levels of the gems? The higher level gem you use, the higher chance there is that it'll succeed. However, you will also have to pay more for an enhancement with a higher level gem. For example, if you use a level 2 rune gem, you'll have to pay 5k for an enhancement. If you'll use a level 3 gem, the fee will be 20k.

If the equipment you want to enhance already has a certain element attached on it (fire for example), then you won't be able to use a different element rune gem to enhance it (use ice gem while the equipment is fire for example). The only exception is the Rainbow gem as it counts for an every element gem. If you enhance an equipment without an element attached on it and then use a rainbow gem, you won't get a random element attached on it. What will happen is that you will not gain an element on the current equipment.

The equipment that is able to be enhanced are: Weapons, Torso, Pants, Shoes, Shield and Gloves.
Not able to enhanced: Earings, Rings, Belts, Amulets, Eggs, Cloaks and Vending items.

Chances of Enhancing


Combinations that guarantee success

Any Level Rune Gem + Hammer of Fortune, up to +5.
Level 3 Rune Gem + Artisan’s Hammer, up to +4.


Any weapon/equipment modified by Argan (after completing the 'Legendary Blacksmith' quest) will lose its enhancements.
You can normally improve your enhancement odds with either the Premium Ticket or the Premium Enhancement Ticket.


Special thanks to Kitsumo for putting this tutorial together for the Tutorial Competition!