Empire Racial Armor

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Item NPC AIM point Comments
Gloves Anne, j-8 Northern Soplar Highway, m-9 Go to entrance of house
Lower Body Saban, k-6 Himurart Desert, g-5 Go into mouth of skull
Boots Dimiela, h-7 Northern Tumblejean, g-9 Go to winch of siege engine
Upper Body Jill, i-5 Muldian Varik Camp middle tent? (g-11) and Kingdom Camp east tent (i-8)

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Quest NPCs


[Gloves] Return to Sender

Anne, j-8
1) Go to Northern Soplar Highway. m-9
2) Cross the water and go to the door of the house on the left to get the Letter
Watch out for the L31 Bird Eater
3) Talk to Anne

empire-gloves.jpg empire-gloves-minimap.jpg

[Lower Armor] Saunas Forever

Saban, j-6
1) Go to Himurart Desert, g-5
2) Go inside the mouth of the giant skull to get the Bone Sand
3) Talk to Saban

empire-lower-2.jpg empire-lower-minimap.jpg

[Boots] Search and Destroy

Dimiela, h-7
1) Go to Northern Tumblejean, g-9
2) Go to the siege machine on the hill in the middle of the camp
3) Stand by the winch
4) Talk to Dimiela

empire-boots-2.jpg empire-boots-minimap.jpg

[Upper Armor] Tea Party Invite

Jill, i-5
1) Go to Muldia
2) Leave sweets at tents of other bases

Kingdom Camp east tent (i-8)

1) Approach the Kingdom Camp from the south
2) Evade the single L99 Royal Guardian
You don't lose any experience or honor if killed by the Guardian
Have someone aggro the Guardian to pull it away from the entrance
The Guardian does not attack while it walks back to its post
The Guardian does not see Hidden or Cloaked scouts
3) Run to the west tent

Varik Camp middle tent? (g-11)