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Astir is the city you arrive at when you first start the game.
It is the neutral city of the world of Pandora Saga.
You can leave when you are level 2, but most people prefer to leave at level 20, the job change level.
It is dangerous outside of Astir.


npc-weapon-armor.jpg Weapon and Armor Shopkeepers
npc-item.jpg Supplier - Item/Accessories Shopkeeper
npc-innkeeper.jpg Innkeeper
npc-blacksmith.jpg Blacksmith NPCs


Confederation Road - North Astir
i-4/i-3 Confederation Road Fountain Olson (Quest), Guard (Quest), Ralton, Rubelov, Cecil (behind the columns), Confederation Gatekeepers
i-4 north of the Innkeeper Penelope
i-5 Confederation Road Innkeeper Ronia (Quest), Charge Shop Manager, Catherine the Boardmemeber, Nies the Conjurer
i-5 west of the Innkeeper Warehouse Manager, Mediator, Slando the Outfitter (Item Trader), Cybil and Denkwald III (Quest)
H-5 Confederation Road Weapon and Armor Shopkeepers Nelhaunt (Quest)
H-6 Confederation Road Item Shopkeeper Amnesiac (Quest)
H-6 east from the Item Shopkeeper Miriam, Reese
H-7 west side street, down the stairs Kektos the Monument Gatekeeper
H-7 west side street Fania, Rick
G-7/F-7 west side street Shahti (Quest), Caruna and Winkl
Royal Street - East Astir
N-9/N-10 Royal Street Fountain Randall (Quest), Nazhnev and Koslo, Wilson, Ragrahm, Royal Gatekeepers
L-10/M-10 Royal Street Innkeeper Grohm (Quest), Prezhnev (Quest), Charge Shop Manager, Shia
M-10 east from Innkeeper Thalia (Quest)
M-10 south M-10 Kapil
M-11 Royal Street Item Shopkeeper Warehouse Manager, Menschflum, Nazhit the Jeweler (Item Trader)
M-11 standing on the street Vandolov (Quest)
L-11 west from the Shopkeepers Maibow (Quest), Igor (Quest), Camille
K-11 west from the Shopkeepers Labowski, Kax, Rex, Kix (Quests) and Coultier the Treasure Chest Seeker
K-10 north side street Roufe the Monument Gatekeeper, Wulf (both down the stairs)
K-10/K-9 north side street Feleila, Polina
Imperial Way - West Astir
C-12 Imperial Way Fountain Barnes (Quest), Elza, Paltia, Tippo, Imperial Gatekeepers
D-12 Imperial Way Innkeeper Sarah (Quest), Sarnia (Quest) Charge Shop Manager, Special Ticket Trader
D-12 east from the Innkeeper Volfina (Quest), Warehouse Manager, Bogen, Annie
E-12 Imperial Way Item Shopkeeper Dorothea and Jameson (Quest), Kato the Apothecary (Item Trader)
E-11 Imperial Way Weapon and Armor Shopkeepers Luloot, Mysica and Consuela (Quest)
E-11 east side street Evita (Quest), Mediator, Antonia
E-11 east side street, down the stairs Hemlock the Monument Gatekeeper
F-12 south side street Kabarov, Edale, Tolks
Astir - Central Plaza (south Astir)
H-11 Astir Central Plaza Fountain Neumann (Quest)/south side, Mediator (west side), Wise Old Geezer (east side)
i-11 southeast of fountain Lias (Quest), L20-29 8-person PvP, L30-55 8-person PvP
H-11 southwest of fountain Leora the Drill Sergeant, Tawatha the Transporter, L30-55 4-person PvP
H-10 northwest of fountain Innkeeper, Item Shopkeeper, Lynn the Shaman (Souls), L20-29 4-person PvP, L10-19 4-person PvP, Warnham
i-10 northeast of fountain Blacksmith NPCs, L10-19 8-person PvP, Drudd (Quest), Balmore
i-11 east of fountain Dolkinev
H-11 west of fountain Palana
i-10 north of fountain Borthan the Fireworks Shopkeeper, Godoroth