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Astian Underground Quest [forums]

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Ingredients Items

Weapon One Handed Two Handed
Sword One Handed Swords Two Handed Swords
Axe One Handed Axes Two Handed Axes
Blunt One Handed Blunt Two Handed Blunt
Lance/Spear One Handed Lance Two Handed Spear
Dagger One Handed Dagger -
Martial Arts - Two Handed Claws
Bows/Crossbows - Two Handed Bows/Crossbows
Staffs/Wands One Handed Wands Two Handed Staffs


Items(npc weapon,armor,trade,etc)
Gacha items
Quest Trunks

Recipe List
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Pandora Saga Character Calculator (Outdated but Character Calculations to level 55 still works)

Character Info

Races | Human | Elf | Myrine | Enkidu | Lapin | Dwarf

Attributes (Stats) | Leveling Table (XP/Skill Pts/Stat Pts)


Skill List | Skill Tables


1st Job Change | 2nd Job Change

Starting L20 Class L40 Classes
Warrior Gladiator Juggernaut Dragoon
Warrior Knight Warlord Paladin
Scout Archer Sniper Hunter
Scout Provocateur Assassin Saboteur
Acolyte Priest Cleric Enchanter
Acolyte Ascetic Monk Exorcist
Mage Wizard Warlock Conjurer
Mage Sorcerer Corruptor Shadowblade


Soul Guide [forums]
Quest Items


El Behd (PvP hunting map)
Muldian (PvP hunting map)
Astir (PvP map, Daily schedule)
Dimensional Rift (Daily schedule)

Ridelium (300 player RvR) (daily)
Sieghelm (600 player RvR) (weekly)
Seicavalie (750 player GvG) (weekly)

Monsters | NPCs


Northern Soplar Highway
Foothills of Mt. Jorito
Varik Confederation
Leapholtz Gorge

Eastern Soplar Highway
Nelstadt Plains
Kingdom of St. Pfelstein
Montorie Plains
Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom
The Forgotten City

Western Soplar Highway
Himurart Desert
Latugan Empire
Northern Tumblejean Great Sand Sea
Shananta Caverns

Hunting Ground

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